What is a Pool Skimmer?

What is a Pool Skimmer

A pool skimmer is a small-to-medium-sized opening built into an in-ground pool that sucks in water, cleans it, and pushes the filtered water back into the pool.

Pool skimmers capture floating debris before it can sink to the bottom of the pool and are typically made of white plastic with a basket inside. They are considered one of the essential features of a pool[2], and their role is to keep the pool water’s surface clean from debris such as leaves, insects, and other contaminants.

What is the Purpose of a Pool Skimmer?

A pool skimmer’s primary purpose can be broken down into a few categories:

  1. Removing floating debris: A pool skimmer uses a basket and a weir (a flap or barrier) to collect floating debris that accumulates on the pool’s surface. The weir opens and closes to allow water and floating debris to enter the skimmer basket, which is then emptied periodically to keep the pool clean and clear of debris.
  2. Maintaining cleanliness and hygiene: A pool skimmer helps maintain the pool water’s cleanliness and hygiene by removing floating debris from the pool’s surface. This is especially important for public pools, where the presence of debris and impurities can lead to the spread of germs and diseases.
  3. Preventing clogging of the filtration system: A clogged filtration system can lead to decreased circulation and decreased effectiveness of the pool’s cleaning system. By removing debris from the pool’s surface before it sinks to the bottom and potentially clogs the filtration system, a pool skimmer helps maintain the efficiency of the pool’s cleaning system.

What are the components of a pool skimmer?

A pool skimmer is a device that helps to remove floating debris from the surface of a swimming pool. All pool skimmers have similar components, regardless of the brand or model. These components include:

  1. The lid: A visible part of the skimmer that prevents large debris and accidents.
  2. The mouth: An opening in the pool wall that allows water and debris to enter the skimmer.
  3. The weir: A swinging flap inside the skimmer’s mouth that prevents debris from escaping back into the pool. It also moves into a closed position when the pool pump is turned off.
  4. The skimmer basket: A container that collects debris before it reaches the pump. It’s crucial for preventing clogging and damage to the filtration system.
  5. The suction line: Connected to the skimmer basket, it drives the power of the skimmer.
  6. The equalizer line: This helps to prevent the skimmer from sucking in the air if the water level drops below the main inlet.

By understanding the components of a pool skimmer, you can make informed decisions about the best skimmer for your pool and ensure its proper maintenance.

Is a pool skimmer the same as a filter?

No, a pool skimmer is not the same as a filter.

A pool skimmer is a device used to remove floating debris from the surface of a swimming pool, while a filter is used to remove impurities and contaminants from the water in a swimming pool.

A pool filter is integral to a pool’s circulation and filtration system and is responsible for removing smaller particles, such as dirt, dust, and bacteria, from the water. The water is pumped through the filter, which traps impurities and returns clean water back to the pool.

In summary, a pool skimmer and a filter serve different purposes and are used in conjunction with each other to keep a swimming pool clean and safe. The skimmer removes floating debris from the surface, while the filter removes smaller impurities from the water.