5 Popular Swimming Pool Shapes and Designs

5 Popular Swimming Pool

The swimming pool is a quintessential part of the modern home. It’s a place to relax, have fun, and enjoy the outdoors. But with so many different swimming pool shapes and designs to choose from, how do you decide which one is right for you?

Here are 10 of the most popular swimming pool shapes to help you make your decision:

Swimming Pool Shapes

1. Rectangle

Swimming Pool Shapes - Rectangle

When it comes to pools, there are a lot of different shapes to choose from. But at the end of the day, rectangle shaped pools are the most popular for a few key reasons.

First, rectangle pools offer more space for swimming, sunbathing, and other activities. Second, they tend to be more affordable than other shapes. And third, they fit well into a variety of different backyard layouts.

So, if you’re looking for a pool that will offer you the most bang for your buck, a rectangle shaped pool is the way to go!

2. Oval

Swimming Pool Shapes - Oval

The oval shaped pool is a classic design that has been around for centuries. The first recorded instance of an oval shaped pool was in ancient Rome, where it was used for public baths. The oval shape was also popular in the Victorian era, when many grand estates featured opulent gardens with beautiful pools.

Today, the oval shape is still a popular choice for private pools, as it provides a generous amount of space for swimming and entertaining. Unlike rectangular pools, which have 90-degree corners that can be difficult to clean, the curved edges of an oval pool make it easier to reach all the nooks and crannies. This means less time spent scrubbing by the pool and more time enjoying the water.

3. Kidney

Swimming Pool Shapes - Kidney

There’s just something about a kidney shaped pool that screams “luxury.”

Maybe it’s the smooth, curves lines or the way they seem to invite you in for a dip. Whatever the reason, kidney shaped pools have been gracing the backyards of upscale homes for decades.

And while they may require a bit more upkeep than other types of pools, there’s no denying that they make a statement. So if you’re looking to add a touch of class to your outdoor space, a kidney shaped pool is definitely worth considering.

4. L-Shaped

Swimming Pool Shapes - L Shape

Anyone who has ever been to a resort has likely seen an l-shaped pool. They are a staple of luxury hotels and spas, and for good reason – they are stylish and impactful. But where did they come from?

The first l-shaped pool was built in 1949 by architect John Lautner. He was inspired by the shape of a boomerang and wanted to create a pool that would maximize views of the surrounding landscape.

The design proved popular, and soon other architects began incorporating l-shaped pools into their own designs. Today, L-shaped pools continue to be a popular option for both residential and commercial properties. They are often used to create an oasis in a small space and can be customized with features like waterfalls and fire pits. Whether you’re looking for a place to relax or entertain, an l-shaped pool is sure to make a statement.

5. Freeform

Swimming Pool Shapes - Freeform

Freeform shape pools are becoming increasingly popular for a number of reasons. They offer a more natural look than traditional rectangular pools. This can help to create a relaxing oasis in your backyard.

Additionally, freeform pools can be customized to fit any size or shape of yard. And, because they are not limited by straight lines, they can be designed to include features such as waterfalls and grottos. However, all of this customization comes at a price.

Freeform pools are typically more expensive than other types of pools. But for many people, the extra cost is worth it for the chance to create their perfect backyard retreat.

Which Shape is Best for a Swimming Pool?

Which Shape is Best for Swimming Pool?

There are many factors to consider when deciding which shape is best for a swimming pool. Construction, cost, maintenance, and style are all important considerations.

Perhaps the most important factor is the intended use of the pool. For example, if the pool will be used primarily for recreation, then a rectangular or oval shape may be best. However, if the pool will be used for competitive swimming, then a lap pool or Olympic-sized pool would be more appropriate.

Other considerations include climate and the available space. In a hot climate, a kidney-shaped pool with a shallow end would be ideal, while in a colder climate, a lap pool might be a better choice. Ultimately, there is no single answer to the question of which shape is best for a swimming pool. The best answer depends on the specific needs and preferences of the individual.

What Shape of Pool is the Cheapest?

What Shape of Pool is Cheapest?

Most people think of rectangular swimming pools when they think of in-ground pools. While rectangular pools are certainly the most popular option, they are not necessarily the cheapest to build or maintain.

In fact, one of the most budget-friendly pool shapes is the oval. Oval pools are typically cheaper to install because they require less concrete and decking material than other shapes. And since they have fewer corners, they are also easier to clean and maintain. So, if you’re looking for a swimming pool that won’t break the bank, an oval shape may be the way to go.

What Pool Shape Should I Get?

What Pool Shape Should I Get?

When we talk to people that are interested in getting a pool, we often get asked “what pool shape should I get?”

There’s more to picking the perfect pool shape than meets the eye. It’s not just a matter of what looks the best in your backyard, but also what will best fit your lifestyle.

For example, if you love to swim laps, then a rectangular pool is probably the way to go. If you’re more interested in relaxing and soaking up the sun, then a curvy freeform pool might be more your speed.

And if you have kids, then a kidney shaped swimming pool with a shallow end and a deeper end can provide hours of fun. Ultimately, the best way to decide on a pool shape is to take your time, do your research, and consult with a qualified professional. With a little effort, you’re sure to find the perfect pool shape for your home.

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