How Often Should You Run Your Robotic Pool Cleaner?

How Often Should You Run Your Robotic Pool Cleaner?

Keeping your pool clean year-round on your own is a draining ordeal. A pool robot will speed up the process and produce better results! The question remains: how often do you run your robotic pool cleaner throughout the year? What are the best times to do it, and how long can the cleaner operate for?

In this article, we’ll answer all your questions about how to run your robotic cleaner, so you can maintain the quality of your pool year-round, no matter where you live.

How Often Should I Run My Pool Cleaner in the Summer?

In the warmer months of the year, you’re more likely to utilize your pool for events. This means you’ll need to keep up with the maintenance more regularly for a fresh-looking pool environment. You’ll want to clean out any debris from the bottom out with the vacuum, which means putting the robot to work.

Depending on what your water looks like, you may need to vacuum it more often. For screened areas, you’ll want to vacuum the pool once a week to clean out any debris that may have collected over time. For outdoor pools, depending on the layout of your yard and how many trees may be around, you’ll want to clean them out more frequently.

Can I Run My Pool Robot in Winter Months?

In the winter, the water is less likely to be used, but debris and dirt can build up if you don’t keep up with regular maintenance. The process to winterize your pool can be scheduled to minimize the headache. You’ll need to remove everything from the water and drain some of it. You won’t be able to clean the pool through the frosty months, but you can do a deep clean before you close up for the season!

If you live in a place that’s always warm and sunny, like Florida, you can run your robotic cleaner like you would at any other time of the year!

When is the Best Time of Day to Run My Pool Robot?

If you’re having guests over or plan on enjoying the afternoon in the water, you’ll want to run your robot the day before, whenever you’re able to. Running the cleaner during the warmest hour of the day is ideal, but it may cause your energy bill to go up due to increased energy consumption.

You can run it overnight if you’d prefer, but it’s more beneficial to run it during the day to reduce the risk of algal blooms.

When Should I Start Running My Pool Cleaner?

Whenever you notice debris collecting in your pool, it’s a good idea to start running the vacuum. Since the full cleaning cycle takes a few hours, you should start running the cleaner a little before the height of the day to maximize the effectiveness of the cleaning cycle.

Should I Run My Pool Cleaner Every Day?

Running your pool robot every day will allow it to filter out any dirt and debris that finds its way into the water. This is especially important if there are a lot of trees around the area, or if storms pass through frequently. You need only allow the robot to complete the cycle once a day to maintain the integrity of the water.

How Long Should I Run My Pool Robot?

You should allow the cleaner to successfully clear the floor and walls of the pool. You don’t need to operate the cleaner all day long, as every model will have its own set duration for a cleaning cycle. Remember not to leave the robot in the water overnight as it will wear down with prolonged exposure to chlorine and shock.

How Many Hours a Day Should I Run My Pool Cleaner?

Depending on the model you own, the time cycle varies. Cleaning the surface and filtering the water takes time, approximately 4-5 hours, and cannot be rushed. It’s important to plan the timing of your cleaning cycle according to the needs of your environment. You don’t want to miss a spot and risk the algae growing back along the walls.

Assess the state of your water to plan accordingly, making sure that there is adequate cleaning throughout the day to keep it clear.

Enjoy Your Pool Year-Round With a Robotic Pool Cleaner

It can be confusing to know how to best operate your automatic cleaner, but with these guidelines it should be a little easier to manage. Every body of water is different, but proper cleaning is essential to enjoying your pool year round.

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