5 Best Dolphin Pool Vacuum Cleaners

When buying pool cleaners, it can be a challenging experience to find the most bang for your buck, leaving you out in the deep end. An above-ground pool and an in-ground pool can require different cleaning strategies. So, what do you look out for when looking for one that suits your pool?

With the Dolphin line, you get some of the best pool vacuums on the market. And to make the choice even easier, we’ve developed a list of our favorite Dolphin products to help narrow down your choices. We tested out their top pool vacuums, and we’re ready to share our findings so that your summer cleaning has never been easier.

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Best Dolphin Pool Vacuums

Our picks for the best pool vacuum cleaners by Dolphin are:

If you’re looking for a way to reduce your maintenance and keep your pool spotless while saving money, then read on below to get our picks for the best Dolphin pool cleaners.

1. Dolphin Nautilus CC Automatic Robotic Pool Cleaner

Best In-Ground

The powerful Dolphin Automatic Pool cleaner is the ideal scrubber for smaller pools. With the Nautilus automatic pool cleaner, you won’t have to rely solely on your pool filter or pump to finish the job. The brushes will deal with breaking down any debris.

Another benefit of the Nautilus is its low use of energy. So, you won’t have to tackle high energy bill costs after each use. Its rotating sprockets allow it to efficiently climb and clean all aspects of the pool. This is also a light-weight model with its ability to release water quickly after every session.

Dolphin Nautilus CC Cleaners are among the best pool vacuums available and include a hassle-free cleaning solution that leaves your pool looking immaculate.


  • Easy-to-clean filter system
  • Light-weight and easy-to-use brushes
  • 30-foot non-tangle system


  • Programmable control unit
  • Low energy use
  • Rotating sprockets


  • A light-weight body can lose some traction
  • Maximum range of 30 feet

Final Verdict

Our cleaning experts recommend Dolphin Nautilus as a starter product for novices just breaking into automatic pool cleaning products.

2. Dolphin E10 Robotic Pool Vacuum Cleaner

Best Above Ground

In our experience, Dolphin E10 Robotic Pool Cleaner is a top-tier choice for most above-ground pools. If you don’t have a lot of time for those easy cookout days, the Dolphin E10 is a quick and efficient solution to get your pool ready in no time.

Its automatic cleaning system is ideal for above-ground pools averaging 30 feet. It possesses a powerful filtration system, with a 3-stage system that cuts off in time to prevent overfilling.

The Dolphin E10 takes a little over one hour to clear out a decently sized 30-foot above-ground pool, adding maneuverability with speed. In addition, none of the cleaners require additional servicing, such as pumps or hoses. However, the cord isn’t super long, ranging about 40 feet. So, make sure it can cover the distance, as cleaner cables should stretch at least 12 feet away from the pool.

Like the Nautilus, the E10 is also an energy-saving product, using minimal power to clean the entirety of the pool. At only 5 cents an hour, you’ll be sure to save money by cleaning up the pool.


  • 22 x 17.5 x 13 inches
  • Cable Length 40 ft.
  • Single Front High-Speed Scrubber


  • Quick water release
  • 4000 GPH Suction Rate
  • Cleans all pool surfaces


  • No water line cleaning
  • Manual schedule input

Final Verdict

We recommend this more low-key item for users that may have a smaller to a mid-sized pool that needs a quick yet effective cleaning.

3. Dolphin Nautilus Supreme CC Supreme Robotic Pool Vacuum Cleaner

Most Thorough Clean

If you’re looking to take the next step into building the perfect pool setup, you may want to look into the Dolphin Nautilus Supreme Cleaner. This is for those that want to step up their game and acquire a powerful and intuitive automatic pool cleaner.

This machine is equipped with an enhanced filtration system, three scrubbing brushes, and a powerful motor to run it all. It has a Wi-Fi connection that allows the user to set various functions. For instance, you can regulate a cleaning schedule, delay start-time, and switch between cleaning cycles.

There are three cleansing systems you can implement when working with the Nautilis Supreme:

  1. You can render a quick scrub that focuses primarily on the floor of the pool. Similar to a quick one-hour cycle for a dishwasher.
  2. The standard cleaning option allows you to break down the waterline, floors, and walls.
  3. The enhanced feature grants extra time for cleaning. The scrubbing features will work at maximum capacity to provide a thorough scrub.

The user functionality can be connected to the MyDolpin Plus app on a user’s smartphone.  So, you can depend on the app to regulate the Nautilis Supreme’s system’s functions away from home.


  • Dual brushing system
  • 60 ft. tangle free chord
  • Connects to MyDolphin App via Wi-Fi


  • For pools up to 50 ft.
  • Energy efficient


  • Heavier unit – 24 pounds

Final Verdict

This is ideal for people using a larger in-ground pool over 40 feet with the desire to enact a more advanced remote scrub.

4. Dolphin Premier Robotic Pool Cleaner

Best for Larger Pools

The Dolphin Premier Cleaner holds a few unique features that provide a compact yet powerful cleaner. This is an ideal candidate for owners of pools that stretch over 50 feet. Using advanced algorithms, the Premier Robotic Cleaner can cover the entirety of the pool’s surface area. 

The dual-brush system gives reinforced brushing to help break down debris. In just under 3 hours, your pool will have an immaculate appearance from the fortified brushes. The swivel cable system allows the cable to move without disruption. So, you can feel confident in leaving the cleaner to do its job without stress from an unexpected incident or entanglement.

In addition, the Premier holds several filtering systems to help clear out unwanted particles from the pool. These filters include:

  1. An Oversized Fine filter bag that carries extra debris
  2. An ultra-fine filtering bag
  3. A bottom-load fine cartridge filtering bag

Similar to the Nautilus Supreme, this pool cleaner can catalog weekly pre-determined cleaning schedules. Once you set up the system, you can allow the system to work every day, every other day, or even every 3rd day of the week.


  • Dual brushing system
  • Waterline, wall, and tile scrubbing
  • Scheduled weekly timer


  • Advanced MyDolphin app optimization
  • Deeper scrub for pools around 50 feet


  • On the expensive side, but excellent value

Final Verdict

This cleaner is for busy individuals looking for a high-grade, high-performance automatic cleaner for their larger in-ground pools.

5. Dolphin Sigma Robotic Pool Cleaner

Best Mobility

The Robotic pool cleaner is the peak example of prime automation for your pool cleaner. It delivers excellent results, and it’s easy to use with a gyroscope system for enhanced mobility that allows tilting and improved rotation. This powerful cleaner packs a punch, allowing a free-range motion for distances of up to 50 feet. In addition, it also includes an anti-swivel cable to help reach those distances without issues.

The Sigma Robotic includes a fine-tuned dual-brush system to help break down grime and debris as well. The Sigma Robotic has a top-of-the-line smart navigation system to cater to the most efficient cleaning route.

In addition, it holds Bluetooth smartphone connectivity. This can allow users to spot-check cleaner progress away from home.


  • A larger radius of up to 50 feet
  • Automated Scheduling
  • Smart navigation with gyroscope


  • High maneuverability
  • MyDolphin Bluetooth connection
  • Triple motor for a deeper clean


  • Higher price tag
  • Heaviest model

Final Verdict

This highly innovative system offers deep cleaning for larger in-ground swimming pools of up to 50 feet and adds smartphone connectivity.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Dolphin Products Work Well With Above-Ground Pools?

The Dolphin E10 is a compact model that works well with above-ground pools. However, E10 is a non-Bluetooth system, requiring manual delivery into the pool.

However, some models aren’t limited to in-ground or above-ground designs, like the Dolphin CC. Because the Dolphin CC works for both, this will be an excellent choice for an above-ground pool.

Which Dolphin Products Work Well With In-Ground Pools?

If your pool is larger and requires a more frequent and intricate cleaning process, we recommend upgrading to the higher-grade models.

Models such as the Dolphin Sigma and the Dolphin Premier work well with these larger pool cleanings. The multi-functioning motor systems allow them to reach into the deeper crevices of the pool.

If you’re under a complicated schedule, pick up an automatic cleaner that you can control remotely while you’re gone.

Can MyDolphin App Help Me With Automatic Cleaning?

Yes, you can set automatic schedules for cleaning with the MyDolphin App. Depending on your vacuum model and pool size, a typical cleaning cycle can typically last anywhere between 1 to 3 hours.

Through the MyDolphin app, you can set up cleaning schedules. Download the app through the iPhone app store or Google Play and pair it with the Dolphin Cleaner to control its settings.

You can control the system settings remotely and schedule cleanings for up to a month in advance.


Whether you’re working with a smaller above-ground or an in-ground pool 50 feet in length, you can find a Dolphin model that’s the perfect fit. Be sure to pick one up before you start your summer vacation!

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