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5 Popular Swimming Pool Shapes and Designs

The swimming pool is a quintessential part of the modern home. It’s a place to relax, have fun, and enjoy the outdoors. But with so many different swimming pool shapes and designs to choose from, how do you decide which one is right for you? Here are 10 of the most popular swimming pool shapes […]

What is Bromine in a Pool?

Bromine is a chemical element that is used in swimming pools to help disinfect the water and prevent algae growth. It is usually added to the pool in tablet form, and dissolves slowly into the water to provide ongoing protection. Bromine is a very effective sanitizer, but it can also be harmful if not used […]

5 Best Above Ground Pool Vacuums

Before you and the kids can get to splashing around, you’ll need to give your pool a little TLC in the form of a good deep cleaning. With so many pool cleaners on the market, it can be paralyzing trying to choose the right one for your needs. Luckily for you, our experts have extensively […]

5 Best Inground Pool Vacuums

An inground pool is a big investment, and cleaning it is an important responsibility. However, it doesn’t have to be a laborious task when you have a top-quality inground pool cleaner to rely on. To help you make the best choice, we’ve tested the best pool vacuums for all purposes. These are the vacuums that […]

Why is My Pool Still Cloudy After Shocking It?

Owning a pool isn’t all fun and games; it takes time and effort to achieve crystal clear water. One of the fastest, most effective, and most popular ways to address a dirty pool is to shock it. However, many homeowners fail to realize that the cause of cloudy water can sometimes be the shocking process […]

What is Backwashing a Pool?

When most people think of pool cleaning, the first thing that comes to mind is skimming the surface of the water with a net. This is an integral part of pool maintenance, but it’s not the only one. Another critical task is backwashing your pool filter. Backwashing helps remove debris from the filter and keeps […]

How to Raise pH in a Pool

The water in your pool is a complex balance of chemicals. If the pH of your pool drops below 7, it can wreak havoc on your pool and result in costly maintenance. This post will cover what pH is exactly and why it’s important for pool chemistry. In addition, we’ll dig into what causes low […]

What Does Rinse Do on a Pool Filter?

If you’re new to owning a pool, you might have a multiport valve on top of your filter with a number of settings to choose from. One of the available settings is the “rinse” option. In the below post we’ll tackle a number of common questions surrounding this setting. We’ll also help you understand how […]

What Should the Pool Filter Pressure Gauge Read?

If you have a pool, then you know that your filter is necessary for maintaining the water quality. But how good is your filter at doing its job, and what should the pressure be? In this article, we will go over some tips to help you determine what your pressure gauge should read. We’ll also […]