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How to Prime a Pool Pump

A crucial part of pool maintenance is ensuring all equipment runs smoothly, including the pool pump. A damaged pump can be expensive to repair or replace, but with a functioning pump, the pool becomes usable as the water cannot circulate and run through the filter, causing it to become dirty and stagnant. Priming the pool […]

What is a Pool Skimmer?

A pool skimmer is a small-to-medium-sized opening built into an in-ground pool that sucks in water, cleans it, and pushes the filtered water back into the pool. Pool skimmers capture floating debris before it can sink to the bottom of the pool and are typically made of white plastic with a basket inside. They are […]

Pool Vacuum Hoses: An Essential to Manual Vacuuming

Maintaining a clean and healthy pool requires the right tools and equipment, and a good quality pool vacuum hose is a staple for pool owners. Especially those that need to vacuum a pool manually. In this article, we’ll cover everything you need to know about pool vacuum hoses, including selecting the right one for your […]

Pool Alkalinity: Everything You Need to Know

Is your pool water cloudy? Or do you get irritated eyes when you go for a swim? Then, your alkalinity levels may be off. One of the best-kept secrets to perfect pool water is simply understanding and maintaining the correct alkalinity levels. In this article, we’ll cover everything you need to know about pool alkalinity, […]

Alternatives to Chlorine for Swimming Pools: A Detailed Guide

There’s nothing like diving into a refreshing pool on a hot summer day. The refreshing splash of water, the coolness on your skin, and the thrill of opening your eyes underwater… But for some, that thrill is short-lived as the burning sensation of chlorine takes over. If you’re tired of dealing with red, irritated eyes […]

How is Pool Chlorine Made?

Chlorine is essential in keeping swimming pools clean and safe for swimmers. Without chlorine or a chlorine substitute, pool water would quickly become a breeding ground for harmful bacteria and other microorganisms. This article will explain how pool chlorine is made, including the production of calcium hypochlorite and sodium hypochlorite. Quick Facts Chlorine is produced […]

Are Liquid Chlorine and Bleach the Same Thing?

Swimming pools are a popular summertime recreational activity, but they require regular maintenance to ensure the water is clean and safe for swimming. Several methods can be used to sanitize a pool, such as chlorine tablets, salt, liquid chlorine, and bleach. While all of these methods can be effective at keeping a pool clean, many […]

What Are the Top 5 Benefits of Robotic Pool Cleaners?

Ah, the summer months. Nothing quite like taking a dip in the pool to cool off from the sun’s blazing heat. But wait, what’s that? Your pool is looking a bit… murky? Don’t stress, we’ve got the perfect solution: robotic pool cleaners! These nifty pool-cleaning robots are designed to make your life easier, and they […]

How to Remove Calcium From Your Pool

Having a pool at home makes summertime an even more exciting experience, as homeowners can beat the heat and feel like there’s a tropical paradise right on their doorsteps. However, owning one also takes a lot of responsibility, especially when it comes to keeping your pool clean and free from calcium scales. Not only will […]