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A clear blue pool is synonymous with having your sh*t together. We help you look good without breaking the bank (or your back).

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We’ve been cleaning pools since we came out of the womb. We take our reviews very seriously and love finding quality products that make pool maintenance easy and affordable.

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We work with multiple manufacturers and suppliers and leverage our experience to provide our readers with the best pricing and discounts.

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We want to make sure we point our readers in the right direction. We review our content regularly and update as new data becomes available regardless of incentives.

People who say pools are “money pits”…

Don’t know how to keep a pool clean. Sure — pools are a luxury, but they don’t need to be a source of financial frustration. With the right products and proper maintenance, almost anyone with half a brain can get their pool water crystal clear. The team at PV Pool Cleaner is here to get you there faster and for less, so you can get back to having more fun!

We’re committed to more than just

Keeping Pools Clean

Meet Filmore the Flamingo

Filmore is kind of a legend around here.

He’s not just our mascot. He’s a reminder of why we’re such clean pool advocates.

The vibrant pink color of a flamingo stands out and contrasts beautifully with crystal-clear blue pool water. Sure, it makes for great decorations and fun party themes. But for us, the flamingo is a constant reminder that we can do more than just help people overcome their pool frustrations.

For some of the products we recommend on our website, we may earn a small commission. Don’t worry — this doesn’t impact what you have to pay for the products. It just helps us fund our research and operate this website. While making a profit is pretty cool, we’re also committed to giving back. That’s where Filmore comes in.

In the spirit of our favorite pink feathery friend, we’ve partnered with the Susan G. Komen Foundation. A portion of our proceeds goes toward supporting to support the fight against breast cancer. It might not be a ton, but we’re happy to make a splash where we can to help a cause near and dear to our hearts.

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